3D Models built as assets for different projects, primarily for use in maps built for Valve Software's Source Engine.

Beef Slab Airship Engine Lobster Harmonica Osprey Engine Soda Machine Source Engine mod Player Character


Texture sets including diffuse, normal maps, and specular maps. Most textures tile seamlessly unless specifically designed not to.

Texture Sets

Sketches and Paintings

Sketches, Drawings, and Paintings

Wacom Tablet Sketch Raspberyl Moustache

Level Design

Screenshots and downloads (for released maps) of various map projects built using the Source SDK.

Angel Island || Team Fortress 2 || Download

Angel Island CP Map TF2 Angel Island CP Map TF2

Seabass || Team Fortress 2

Seabass CP Map TF2 Seabass CP Map TF2

Kneedeep || Counter-Strike: Source || Download

Kneedeep Counter-Strike: Source Map Kneedeep Counter-Strike: Source Map

Source Engine

A proof of concept combining new weapon code I wrote along with new player viewmodels and animations I created. The game concept was "Cops 'n' Robbers" as played by children with imaginary guns. Instead of ammo you used breath or stamina as you would shout "bang" to shoot your gun. Different guns would consume different amounts of energy from a sustained "rat tat tat" machinegun to a sporadic pistol shot. There is no sound in the video.